Which click & collect solution should retailers go for? 

Click & collect is here to stay and has become a must-have fulfillment option for customers. It’s a great way to boost omnichannel, and it enables retailers to connect all aspects of commerce. There are several options to choose from when it comes to implementing click and collect, with BOPIS and ROPIS being the main alternatives. So which option should your business go for?


BOPIS means “buy online, pickup in-store”, whereas ROPIS is “reserve online, pickup in-store.” Both options have its advantages, and retailers should consider which option is the best fit for them. Mapping out the pros and cons of each of them might help companies decide which click and collect method will improve their business performance the most.

click and collect


BOPIS is probably the most well-known click and collect solution, and involves purchasing products online before picking up in a physical store. This provides customers with the convenience of browsing products on the website, and the ease of picking up when and where they want it. They are guaranteed that the selected items are in stock, avoid shipping fees, and can quickly pick up their order without having to navigate through the whole store. For retailers, BOPIS provides a sense of security and certainty that the customer will actually pick up their order, as they have already paid for it in advance. It can, however, minimize the chances of upsell compared to ROPIS. Although click and collect generally leads to customers adding additional items while in the store, some may be quick to just pick up their already purchased order and get going. 

BOPIS is great for retailers of all sizes and industries. It can especially be a good option for companies that carry products that customers don’t necessarily have to see or try in person before buying it.


What sets ROPIS apart from BOPIS is that it gives customers the ability to reserve items online, without having to pay for it right away. It moreover grants them the benefit of putting their desired products on hold in any store that has it in stock, and the option of changing their mind without the hassle of returns. ROPIS offers slightly more flexibility for the customers, considering they get the opportunity to actually see the products in person before deciding whether or not to purchase it. For retailers, ROPIS provides great upsell opportunities, as customers are more likely to add additional items when they haven’t already paid for their pickup order. It does, however, add some uncertainty for retailers as to whether the customers will actually pick up or purchase the items. They risk reserving and collecting the products, only to have the customer not show up or decide not to buy it once they get to the store. 

ROPIS is a great option for a wide range of retailers, especially those that carry large home appliances, high-end brands and shoe retailers. In these cases customers often want to see the products in person, feel the material or try it on first to avoid returns.

Omnichannel retail with click & collect

Regardless of which option retailers go for, click and collect is an excellent way to drive omnichannel sales and connect ecommerce with traditional commerce. It’s an approach that meets the customers’ demands and online presence, while at the same time preserving the traditional in-store experience with personal touchpoints. 

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