From Legacy to Composable

How ARK, with more than 150 stores and up to 50 000 daily orders, revitalized their omnichannel experience. 

The result? Increased revenue by 25%.

  • Date: 4th of June 2024 
  • Time: 09.00-10.00

Do you struggle with fragmented order processes keeping you from providing a real omnichannel experience for your customers?

Still have legacy systems lacking scalability and flexibility to support increasing order volumes and evolving business needs?

Is your current architecture too complex and costly to maintain or replace?

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ARK's Journey From Legacy to Composable

Ark is Norway's largest bookstore chain - they handle up to 50.000 orders per day. With the ambition to be the most innovative bookstore chain, they aim to provide their customers with the most accessible means of purchasing books.

They struggled with legacy systems that were too complex and costly. So they started a project where the main focus was on optimizing the system architecture.

ARK solved this by implementing a state-of the-Art MACH architecture, with Omnium Order Management System (OMS) as a central hub.


Omnium OMS digitally oversees the entire order lifecycle, from entry to fulfillment and after-sales service. It ensures free flow of product, customer and order information to unify their sales channels.

The Result?

  • 50 % efficiency increase in several internal tasks
  • 15 % increase in the conversion rate
  • 25 % boost in revenue - just one month after launching the new online solution

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We chose Omnium because we needed an order processing system to simplify interfaces in stores with complex order flows. Omnium has proven expertise in this area. In the old ARK solution, this was internally built into the ERP system, which was both slow and had unsatisfactory user interfaces.

Bilde Anders Martinsson-1
Anders Martinson
Head of Technology | ARK

Talkshow Agenda

Introduction - Eirik Norman Hansen | Talkshow host

ARK's struggle with legacy systems - Anders Martinsson | Head of Technology, ARK

How Omnium OMS helped solve ARK's challenges - Petter Balstad | CEO, Omnium


  • Why did ARK choose Omnium? 
  • What has been the impact and results of the project?
  • The road ahead - how will they continue to optimize their system architecture?


This is your chance to ask Norways largest bookstore chain about their journey from legacy to composable.


Petter Balstad, CEO of Omnium

Petter Balstad is the CEO and Co-founder of Omnium, a leading Order Management System (OMS) provider.

With nearly two decades in ecommerce, Petter is dedicated to simplifying retail operations and enhancing customer experiences. Under his leadership, Omnium has become a trusted partner for retailers worldwide, offering innovative solutions for seamless omnichannel integration.

Anders Martinson, Head of Technology ARK

With 25 years of experience with eCommerce, Anders brings invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of online retail.

He will discuss ARK's recent journey, transitioning from legacy systems to a composable approach. Just 1,5 years into his role as Head of Technology at ARK, they successfully launched a brand-new e-commerce site, processing over 10 000 orders per day within days of the launch!

Eirik Norman Hansen, Talkshow host

Eirik is a futurist, technology optimist, and one of Norway's most sought-after speakers. With a keen eye for societal trends, he assists businesses in growing and adapting to the digital world.

He has almost 30 years of experience within technology, digitalization, communication, marketing, business development, and management. The last 6 years has been dedicated to understand the big technological developments and how they affect us humans, our organizations and our society.

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