What does Omnium deliver?

Omnium OMS is a distributed order management system that helps you process orders from all your sales channels.

Order management

Good omnichannel order management has become one of the biggest competitive advantages in today's market. Extensive digitalisation has changed the rules of the game, and it is those who are able to combine physical and digital commerce that achieve the highest customer satisfaction. Omnium provides free flow of product, customer and order information so that all sales channels plays together.

Omnichannel e-commerce experience

Omnium ensures that all orders - regardless of sales channel - are handled equally, and that the company appears consistent to the customer. Whether the order is created in a physical store or in an online store, both customer service and the customer can see, update or change the status of an order.


The most important criterion for good order handling is a good workflow. Everything that can be automated will be done by Omnium at the right time in the order process. Whether it's withdrawing money from a payment provider, ordering shipments, adjusting inventory or sending notifiactions. Omnium ensures that the tasks are performed.

Flexibility and scalability

Omnium adjusts workflow to order type, shipping options, or other criteria. Pick up in store, ship from store, ship from central warehouse, ship between stores - Omnium provides the most optimal order flow. Omnium is also 100% cloud-based, and will scale from the smallest online stores to large department stores with millions of orders.

Updated inventory

When a customer is about to reserve a product in a physical store, or if one is to buy a product in the online store, Omnium can supply available inventory at any time. Synchronize holdings from ERP to Omnium at optional intervals. Omnium will temporarily correct inventory during the day based on incoming orders. Omnium's lightning-fast search index will thus enable the online store, checkout system or other channels to look up real-time orders without stressing the ERP system.

Inventory management

Omnium can also be the main system for inventory. The system keeps track of all inventory transactions, and the interface allows you to easily see the flow of inventory for an item. It is also easy to change inventory values directly in the Omnium interface.

In-store reservations

Whether it's a click-and-collect order where the customer is only reserving the item, or whether the item has been paid online and shipped from the store - Omnium handles the entire process. Notifications to employees to pick in the relevant store are sent via email or SMS, or via integrations directly at checkout.

Ship items from different warehouses

Omnium is usually configured with direct access to inventory in all stores and warehouses. Thus, orders can be coordinated and consolidated so that the stores themselves can be assigned an order and process it. This creates the most efficient handling of shipments to customers.

To us, a modern order management system like Omnium is essential to connect conventional and digital commerce together.

Frode Overå, CTO SparMax

Statistics and analytics

Omnium's lightning fast search engine always provides updated data in all views. Watch today's sales increase order by order, take a look at the profit, total order, product and inventory values ​​per seller, store, or market, and much more.

Complex ownerships 

Whether you own one or more stores, operate franchises, or have even more complex ownership structures with store groupings in member companies, a user will only see orders, customers, prices, inventory etc, from the stores he has access to. If desired, the head office can have rights to all stores, and will then be able to see statistics across the complex ownership structures.

Recommendations and forecasts

Omnium can make direct recommendations to the website based on the customer's preferences and past behavior. Not only does the logged-in customer's purchase and started shopping carts be considered, but Omnium also uses insights into other customers' behavior to lay the foundations for recommended products. We are constantly expanding functionality in this area, and incorporating new and exciting AI functionality into the product continuously.


The dashboard gives full access to the charts, tables, key figures and functions that are most important to each user. All views are customized to the stores that user has access to, or that the user has chosen. Every time you log in to Omnium you will be immediately presented with updated and accumulated data.

Customer Service

Omnium is designed specifically for customer service. A variety of tools make it easy to provide full service, manage orders, create quotes, adjust prices and so on. Everything to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer card

With orders from all channels you have access to the entire customer history, and you can easily access any of the customer's previous orders - regardless of sales channel. You can see key figures, such as cancellation or return shares, internal comments, offers and loyalty points, order history and active shopping baskets.

Returns and complaints

Receive returns or register complaints. If the products can be resold, Omnium will increase inventory in that store, or warehouse. With Omnium you will always have all order history and customer data available, so it is not necessary for the customer to keep his receipts. Notification to the customer and refund of money are also handled automatically.

Global search

The global search makes it easy to find customers, orders, projects, products or other data. It doesn't matter if the customer specifies name, phone, email, order number, shipping number, or other data - the most relevant hits appear instantly.


When purchasing complex services, perhaps including third parties, Omnium can control the entire process. Dynamic project configuration makes it easy to set up deadlines, messages and reminders.


No matter how many markets the company operates in, Omnium will easily differentiate between them. Orders are received from all markets and shipped to Omnium in any local currency. The various markets can be configured with their own payment and shipping agents, their own order flows and their own message templates.


All reports and impressions can easily be converted to the desired currency through the Omnium currency calculator, so that key figures can be accumulated across markets and converted at daily rates.


Omnium's user interface is multilingual and you can easily change the display language. All texts are translated. If you have employees in several countries, each user can specify their preferred language - and Omnium remembers the choice for next time.

International payments and fees

Omnium integrates with both local and global payment providers, and the number of integrations is constantly increasing. Regardless of whether the order is paid with Nordic or international payment solutions, Omnium will ensure that money is captured when the order is sent. Value-added tax and other taxes can be set up per market, or you can use third-party integration, such as Avalara in the US.

Payment and logistics

Transactions and credit

All payment transactions can be performed automatically as part of the order flow, but they can also be triggered manually. If an order is returned, Omnium will also contact the relevant payment service provider and complete the credit.

Ordering shipments

Shipment provider integrations ensure automatic ordering of shipments when the order is ready. Omnium supports a number of suppliers today, including Bring and PostNord, and we are constantly expanding the list of supported shipment providers.

Payment direct in Omnium

Set up a pop-up store, attend trade shows, or create a showroom. With Omnium you can receive orders without the use of a cash register system. Create an offer directly in Omnium and pay for the order via Klarna InStore. The customer completes the transaction on his phone and the payment is confirmed immediately in Omnium.

Printing of package slip and shipping label

From Omnium you can print pick lists and packing lists, or it can be syncronized with the warehouse or financial system. Whenever an order is ready for shipment, Omnium will contact the selected shipment provider and register the shipment. Doing this through the Omnium user interface will also allow you to download and print shipping labels.

Omnium's click-and-collect solution provides the best way to meet a customer: We know when he is coming, we know what he wants, and therefore we can prepare additional sales and up-sales.

Jørgen Wik-Dahl, Byggmakker

Distributed order processing

The combination of online store and physical store can provide a huge number of distribution channels. Omnium always keeps track of which stores will execute an order, and provides notification to employees who will pack and ship goods.

Many stores

With many stores you get goods spread over a large geographical area. A new order may contain item lines that are in stock in several different stores but not assembled in one place. The cost of shipping will quickly rise when several stores send individual goods to the same customer. With Omnium, orders can be consolidated and goods collected in one place of shipment, and from there shipped together.

Cost- and income bearer

Complex ownership structures make it extra important that an order is credited to the right store. One of the most difficult things in the process of establishing multiple sales channels is the internal competition and sub-optimization that often results from this. The last thing you need is for the online store to compete with physical stores in practice. Omnium makes it easy to let all channels play in layers.

Split shipments

Is an order partially in stock at multiple locations? Splitting orders is no problem with Omnium. If it turns out that some of the order lines have to be shipped later, Omnium can make partial payment and split the freight into several shipments.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Omnium OMS is a 100% cloud-based solution, which means that it is operated and maintained automatically and will always be accessible to the user via a web browser.

Flexible license model

One of the benefits of providing the software as a service is that you only pay for use. Some just need to implement click and collect - others use the system for both inventory management, product information, customer data and more. This also makes the licensing model attractive to both small businesses and global players.

Unlimited users

There is no limit to the number of users, and there is no extra cost to invite, for instance, more sales people into the solution. The monthly price is fixed.

Lightening fast

Omnium is developed with brand new technology with speed, scalability and reliability as the three main focus areas, with a common goal that a user never had to wait for the system to do his work, and that every millisecond counts.

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