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Omnium and Klarna in-store

Have you experienced that the customer wants to add or change products in an order? Or change to expedited shipping? Or that the payment expires because the products got delayed from your supplier? 

Then you now have the opportunity to start a new payment from within Omnium, both for physical and online orders.

When an order is paid, it is often difficult for customer service to make changes to it. This is because it is already paid by the customer in the online store.


The customer may want to increase the quantity of an item (without having to pay double shipping). Maybe the item is out of stock and customer service wants to give the customer a more expensive alternative. Today, this is usually solved by canceling the order, and then encouraging the customer to place the order again.



If the order is paid cash or by card, it will not be an option to increase the amount because of the PoS-system or payment provider. With Omnium and Klarna in-store this becomes very simple:


1. Change the order

Replace items, increase quantity, add products, or other changes.


2. Create new payment 

Choose the customer's e-mail or telephone number, and Omnium transfers order information and balance to Klarna, which in turn sends e-mail or SMS with a link to the customer.


3. The customer pays

The customer follows the link and completes the payment in the clear checkout.


4. Customer service gets confirmation

Omnium shows the status during the payment and will confirm the amount when the customer has paid. The order is yet again 100% paid, and will be handled as normal.

You can also use the in-store for payment in the physical store, an event,  or when the customer is on the phone with customer service.

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Klarna in-store

With Klarna in-store you can make Klarna's payment methods available both in physical stores and online.

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