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Are you using Visma Business or Visma Global? Omnium simplifies your integrations with PoS, e-commerce and other sales channels. The integration streamline the order flow all the way to posted invoices in Visma and enables you to work faster and more cost efficient.

A typical workflow could be an incoming order from the webshop registered in the Omnium Order Management System. The payment is either reserved by a payment provider or the order should be invoiced. When the order is automatically registered in Omnium the customer and the order will also be created in Visma.

Further on the order can be managed in Visma (or Omnium) and Omnium will synchronize the statuses accordingly. Omnium takes care of notifications (mail/SMS) to the customer depending on the work flow and the current status, and eventually make capture of the money from the payment provider. Omnium can also take care of ordering freight, tracking and package slip.

The webshop can also get orders directly from Omnium to display updated information on tracking, payment, statuses and so on.

Omnium uses Vitari Connect in the integration with Visma Global and Visma Business. Vitari Connect is installed in the Visma environment and makes it possible for a cloud solution like Omnium OMS to communicate directly with Visma.

Vitari Connect

Vitari Connect simplifies the integration with Visma Global and Visma Business, making it easy for Omnium to send customers and orders directly to Visma. Vitari is a Norwegian company implementing ERP and HR software mainly to small and medium sized companies.

Mora about Vitari Connect (in Norwegian)

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