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David-Andersen & Omnium  

David-Andersen was established in 1876 and is one of the largest jewelry retailers in Norway. They sell their own high-quality products along with many other well-known brands. David-Andersen has seven physical stores, in addition to their online store. 

After David-Andersen started using Omnium for order management, they have gone from spending two minutes on each order to just a few seconds.


Order Management





"A fantastic and user friendly system that makes order management smooth and efficient. The Omnium team is always available and solution-oriented at all times."

Elisabeth Nguyen
Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Manager I David-Andersen

Integrated with Magento

David-Andersen has implemented Omnium's "plug'n play" Magento integration, a fully integrated platform that is set up quickly without any start-up costs. Orders, customers and products are automatically synchronized from the online store in Magento and to Omnium, where Omnium provides fast and intuitive order management.

Omnium OMS

Order Management 

After orders come in through David-Andersen’s online store in Magento, Omnium takes care of further order flow. When an order has been processed, Omnium does anything from generating pick lists, printing orders, sending email or text notifications to the customer, to withdrawing money and ordering shipping. Omnium also ensures that inventory is synchronized with the POS system in all of David-Andersen’s physical stores.

Shipping & Returns

David-Andersen uses Consignor as their shipping provider. Omnium handles all order management related to shipping, such as split deliveries, deliveries from various warehouses or stores, returns and complaints.

Omniums OMS

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