Order Management

Omnium ensures free flow of product, customer and order information to unify your sales channels.

order management

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The most important criteria for good order management is a good workflow. A modern order management system helps you gain control of one or more workflows, depending on your company’s needs.

  • Anything that can be automated will be carried out by Omnium at the right time in the order process.
  • Omnium customizes the workflow according to order type, shipping options, or other set criterias.
Omnium OMS orders
Pick lists

Available Inventory 

Omnium can present available inventory at any time and synchronize inventory from ERP to Omnium at optional intervals. Our fast search index will enable the online store, checkout system and other channels to look up real-time orders, without stressing the ERP system.

  • Edit stock inventory
  • Reserve in-store
  • Ship items from different warehouse locations
  • Available to Promise (ATP) 

Statistics and Analytics 

Omnium’s fast search engine always provides updated data in all views. Watch today’s sales increase order by order, and see the total order, product, profit and inventory values per seller, store or market.

  • Complex ownerships
  • Recommendations and forecasts
  • Personalized dashboard 
Omnium OMS reports
Markets and currencies


No matter how many markets the company operates in, Omnium will easily differentiate between them. Orders are received from all markets and sent to Omnium, in any local currency. The various markets can be configured with their own payment and shipping agents, their own order flows and their own message templates.

  • Currency converter
  • Multilingual user interface
  • International payments and fees

Payment and Logistics 

Omnium has integrations with many shipping and payment providers. All payment transactions can be conducted automatically as a part of the order flow, but they can also be processed manually. If an order is returned, Omnium will contact the relevant payment provider and carry out crediting.

  • Automated shipping
  • Payments in Omnium OMS 
  • Printing of package slip and shipping label
omnium OMS stores

Distributed Order Management 

The combination of online stores and physical stores can result in a large number of distribution channels. Omnium always keeps track of which stores that need to process an order, and provides notification to the employees who are responsible for packing and shipping the items.

  • Consolidate orders with items from different stores
  • Credit the right store 
  • Split shipments