Omnium OMS:
Omnichannel order management in the cloud

Omnium enables retailers to deliver an omnichannel experience to their customers. With an ease-of-use SAAS solution we help businesses connect the dots between systems such as ERP, CRM, POS, PIM and e-commerce. No expensive integrations, one place to handle all your online and offline orders, instant updated inventory and a lot more.

What does Omnium deliver?

Order management


Click and collect

Split shipments

Products and inventory

Ship to store

Ship from store


Blazingly fast user interface


Synchronized with webshop

Synchronized with POS (Point of sale system)

Orders from e-mail/phone/chat

Email and SMS notifications to both customers and employees


B2B & B2C

Extreme performance

Sales & customer service

Live update of cart

Create tailor-made quotes

Create orders

Customer and product specific prices and discount

Comprehensive customer card

Access rights on market level, store level or function level

Report center

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Sparmax use Omnium to solve their Omnichannel challenge 

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What is Omnichannel?

Most retailers communicate and sell through many different channels, like physical stores, printed material, e-commerce systems and through mobile apps. That is called multichannel communication. A challenge with multiple channels is to make the communication coherent across all the channels. Overcoming that challenge is taking you to the next level: Omnichannel. Omnichannel implies absolute integration between your underlying systems, and Omnium OMS is the hub connecting them.

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Some of our integrations



Regardless of channel the order is placed in, you'll be able to choose the right freight for you and your customer directly in the OMS. 

The shipping options  can be defined both in your webshop or manually in Omnium OMS. 

Omnium OMS is developed with a cloud-first architecture in .Net Core and hosted in Microsoft Azure to provide a reliable, scalable and secure service. Combined with the power of Elasticsearch and the reliability of the Azure stack, our solution handles complex data analytics, comprehensive reporting, swift data flows and scales to handle huge amounts of data. 

Per Magne Skuseth, CTO

+47 22 12 01 01

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