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E-Wheels & Omnium  

E-wheels is the largest manufacturer of electric scooters and small electric vehicles in the Nordics. They were established in 2014 and offer a complete selection of high quality electric vehicles, including brands like Airwheels, Gotway, Kingsong, Momas and E-Wheels. 

Omnium helps E-Wheels streamline order management. After E-Wheels started using Omnium, they are able to manage hundreds of orders in just a few minutes.

order management

Order Management
purchase order

Purchase Orders




"With our previous systems, we faced growth barriers. Omnium helped us remove these barriers through excellent WMS functionality, efficient order management with innovative automations, and omnichannel. All this across multiple markets! Even with a high increase in revenue, we have better control and the ability to scale further. Omnium is also a great team to work with, I can highly recommend Omnium!"

Markus Søderlind
CIO I E-Wheels

Order Management 

E-Wheels uses Omnium to automate their order management processes and allocate purchase orders. Omnium takes care of the entire order flow, including complex logistics, payment and shipping labels. The shipping labels are generated and printed through Omnium, and the other steps in the order processes are also performed automatically according to the setup workflow.


Purchase orders

Omnium handles and automates E-Wheels' purchase orders. E-Wheels sell electric scooters that are produced in China, and the scooters arrive in large volumes in various containers. Omnium makes it possible to allocate customer orders directly on orders from suppliers and ship the orders collectively to the customers. If a container is expected in two months with an X amount of scooters, it will be possible to plan purchases, update inventory and process orders. Everything is managed directly in Omnium OMS.


After E-Wheels started using Omnium, they have increased their efficiency significantly. Previously, they spent up to a full day in the warehouse planning purchases and generating and printing shipping labels. By automating large parts of order management through Omnium, they spend less than two minutes on managing hundreds of orders.



E-Wheels uses Klarna as their payment provider, Tripletex for ERP system and Optimizely (Episerver) as their e-commerce platform. Omnium is integrated with all these systems, which means that everything can be managed in one single platform. This creates a seamless and omnichannel shopping experience throughout the whole process.

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