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Eurosko & Omnium  

Euro Sko Norge AS is Scandinavia's largest shoe retailer with stores in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The retail chain consists of approximately 450 stores with several different store concepts, such as Eurosko, DNA, Shoe Gallery and Shoeday.

Omnium plays a key role in Eurosko's omnichannel strategy. Omnium receives orders from the online store and takes care of further order flow.



Optimizely (online store)

GPOS (cash register)

Postmark (email)

Twilio (text)

Klarna (payment)

Bring (shipping)

Omnium Customer Club

"This is a fantastic software that’s easy to use. With great support and swift deliveries I can highly recommend Omnium OMS."

Karin Kolstad
Business Controller/Project Manager | Eurosko

Order Management 

Orders that will be sent from the warehouse are handled directly in Omnium, where the employees can print pick lists, change order status, create returns, print shipping labels, etc.

Eurosko also uses Omnium to send items between stores. Products will be available for purchase (pick up in-store), even if they are not available in your nearest store.

Omnium OMS orders
Omnium OMS

POS & Payment  

Omnium has integration with Eurosko’s cash register system and orders picked up in the store can be processed directly in POS. Omnium handles the completion of payment, as well as email/text notifications to the customer. 

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