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Høyer & Omnium  

Høyer is Norway´s leading high-end chain store, offering a wide range of selected fashion brands for both men and women. The first store opened in 2004, and there are now 27 stores in Norway with more to come. 

Omnium helps Høyer provide their customers with a true omnichannel experience. This includes anything from buying and using gift cards, creating promotions and handling returns, to editing orders and creating new payments - all across their sales channels. Omnium moreover enables Høyer to make changes to live shopping baskets, automatic splitting of orders between online shopping and physical stores, and managing returns. All of this, in addition to full order management with location number, printing pick lists, completion of payments, ordering shipping, and much more.


Live cart

Order Management

Pick Lists


Headless Commerce



All prices in the online store are calculated by Omnium. This applies to both campaigns with a promotional code at check-out, as well as general campaigns with reduced prices. The promotions can include or exclude different categories, different brands, and different products.

Gift Cards 

Omnium ensures that gift cards created in the PoS system can also be used online. It is also possible for customer service to keep track of gift card balances, issue new gift cards, and make returns with a refund on the gift card. Gift certificates that are purchased online can, of course, also be used in a physical store.


Omnium API

Headless Commerce 

Høyer uses a thin front-end layer in its online store. Shopping carts, products, promotions, prices, orders and inventories are retrieved and displayed directly from Omnium. This enables customer service to update the customer's shopping cart, make offers or add products, before the customer completes the check-out order himself. This provides a unique opportunity to conduct upselling and additional sales.

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